About Matt

Matt Solomon is a candidate for the Colorado Senate in District 8. Matt believes in Individual Freedom and Liberties and advocates for the Safety of Coloradans. Matt’s ability to bring experience and perspective from both public and private sector is what makes him District 8’s best choice for Senator.

Public Service

Matt spent the last 21 years in public service. He has served his community and country as a Paramedic, Deputy Coroner, through work with our U.S. Military, and was a twice-elected Council Member for the Town of Eagle, Colorado. Matt has a sound record respecting property owner’s rights, fighting tax increases, defending freedom, protecting gun rights, and consistently making decisions within the limitations of the Constitution and with respect for the Community.

Private Sector Experience

Matt grew up working in a family-owned business. He has spent his adult life carrying that knowledge from his family into private sector industry. He has built teams and helped launch two companies in the outdoor sports industry internationally. He has started two of his own companies in Colorado–one of which is the longest standing gun shop in Eagle County. Decades of national and international experience in the private sector taught him the power of fiscal responsibility and how to navigate the suffocating regulations of an over-reaching government

Giving Back

Matt serves on the board of directors for two non-profits and was nominated for the 2021 Community Impact Award in Eagle, Colorado. His personal mantra to live with honor, act with integrity, and speak the truth. His decision-making process is dedicated to transparency, consistency, and predictability. He will apply this mantra and practice as your State Senator, bringing the sword of honest speech to the arena of policy and representation.


Matt was a whitewater kayaker on Team Dagger and was one of the pioneers of stand up paddle boarding in Colorado. Matt is also a published author–his book Fortunate Accidents uses stories from his life to teach lessons on personal growth and leadership.

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